Thursday, November 08, 2007

Last Couple Workouts.....

Dynamic Effort Squat 11/05/07
Speed Squat w/Chains 290x4x2, 315x4x2
Speed Deadlift 405x10x1
GHR 3x10
Wood Choppers 3x15

Speed on both the Squat & Deadlifts were pretty darn good. 30 second rests were incoporated which definitely make you work to maintain speed. Please note these percentages are in the 60% range for Dynamic Effort, this is part of my experiment to see if this range suits me better than the 50% training I performed for so long, after a couple of more cycles I will make my decision. So far, so good though....

Dynamic Effort Bench Press 11/07/07
Speed Bench Press 235x9x3
Pin Press 315x6, 335x2x6
Lat Pull Down 130x3x8
Shoulder Complex w/Chains 3x8

Speed was amazing today, I actually had to check after the first couple of sets to make sure the weight was correct, it was. 235 felt more like 185, lets hope this phenomena carries over to Max Effort Squats!!!

Sorry for the short post, really been busy around here lately. Someday Powerlifting will be my full time time, but for now, I must juggle...Got a few emails regarding the Powerlifting Etc Q&A and whether or not I am still doing it. I will still answer questions and post them here, its just this past week has been a busy one, so keep them coming and I will try my best to keep up. BTW, just so you all know, for the most part I answer all questions via email, and generally post only the relevant ones here. So if you got one, dont be shy...Thats all for today.

Its All A Juggle Act...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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