Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Max Effort Bench Press

Max Bench Press
2 Board Press 190x5, 225x3, 290x2, 315x1, 345x3, 385x3, 405x1, 425x1PR, 435x1PR, 405x3
Justin Harris Rows 4x8
Monster Mini Tricep Extensions 4x8
DB Over-Head Press 4x8

Tonight was a bit of a surprise. Not sure if I am overtrained or what, but I have had no motivation to train. But, that being said, I hit 2 Personal Records tonight. Perhaps the powerlifting gods are looking down on me...So, considering last week for some reason I struggled to hit 415 for a 5lb PR (Previous week I tripled 405 easy), I am quite happy with tonights results.

My original plan was to just beat last week on volume, figuring I was going to suck it up, but after the 385 triple flew, I thought I ought to go to 405 and check the speed at least. 405 Flew, so I called 425, again straight to lockout with no glitches. 435 flew too, I probably could have gone up a bit more, Im figuring 10-15 lbs maybe, but since I wasnt positive, I ended on a high note. Dropped to 405 for a quick triple and moved on to accessory work.

All in all I was proud of myself for pushing through, it almost seems as though I lift better alone. I think I still struggle with having someone stand over me for lift offs, but alas, that is something should probably get used to. Anyway, wont complain too much, I gotz me a de-load week coming up....Woo-hoo...

Powerlifting Etc Q&A

Eric from Washington asks...

I see you train without gear but have competed in gear before. Do you have a preference? Why? And what to you think about the multiply stuff?

Powerlifting Etc Answers:

Hey Eric,

Actually its all part of my master plan I have for myself. I plan on developing a good base strength then move into some more aggressive single ply gear while maintaining and pushing up my RAW strength. For myself, I want to be strong in and out of gear, and with that will come alot of hard work and unfortunately alot of time. Now, as far as multiply goes, someday I will probably use it, but for now I just dont think personally I am ready for any of that, perhaps when my RAW Squat hits 600, my RAW Deadlift hits the 650-700 range, and my RAW bench press hits the 450-500 range. But thats gonna take time.

So anyway, for now its pretty much Train RAW, occasionally throw on the brief bottoms to overload a bit, and lather, rinse, repeat. My day will come, but for now, i'll just relegate myself to the shadows of my basement.

Not sure I did, but I hope I answered that alright. Take Care.

I heard the dude on the left gets 300 pounds out of that suit...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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