Wednesday, April 05, 2006

04/05 De Bench-New PR???

Speed Bench 185x5x3, 225x1, 275x1, 315x1, 345x1, 355x1PR
BB Ext w/Chains 105x4x8
Lat Pulldown 130x4x6
Shrugs 295x4x8

Well this was a different slant on the DE night. The 185 was moving way too fast for me not to try and PR the Raw Bench Press, so i went for it. 315 and 345 felt light, 345 was my previous PR so i was quite psyched, the 355 was smooth, i contemplated going for more but held myself back as i just had a ME day 4 days ago and did a Recuperative session the day after. I'm just gonna turn my next ME day into a SE day, that should be fine. Next up was the BB Ext's w/Chains, when i did these last week i fell in love with them, they are bitches but god, they hit the tri's like nothing i have seen in awhile, they're keepers. Lat-Pulldowns and Shrugs were ho-hum as i was winding down by that point, all in all a pretty good training session.
If any of you get a chance have a peek at my meet cycles i got planned and feel free to critique it, its always good to have a second set of eyes to look at it.....anyways, stay strong and stay tuned!!!


John McDonald said...

Job well done on the raw PR! There's no reason why you should be over 400 with the shirt on... I would definitely put more shirted work in your cycle if you are planning on using it in the competition, though.

PowerLifter1974 said...

Thanks John, i plan on throwing some Shirt in on a couple more of the ME Days and will go by feel. The hard and set part is really the Dynamic Work with Bands & Chains, the ME days i will usually go by feel but have a movement scheduled in case i cant make up my mind, Thanks for the input, i think your totally right....

nhpowerlifter said...

Wow- Congrats on the new PR.