Thursday, April 27, 2006

04/26 DE Squat/DL

DE Box Squat 215x8x2
Speed Pulls w/Mini's 250x10x1
KB SwingThroughs (Single Arm) 43x3x8
Sit-Ups against Bands 3x8
Band Leg Curls 3x10

Holy Shit this was a rough night. The Squats were fast, though i was concentrating on form and really keeping the arches in my back, after checking a video i did last week i noticed i get slightly rounded in the hole (new wide stance). Posterior chain needs to be focused on more, admittedly i have been slacking on this one. The Speed Pulls against bands was hard as hell, i went with 30 second rest between each one and was sweating my clams off by the end of these two movements. I will tell you this much, my weak point (Lockout) in the Deadlift will quickly fix itself with this shit. The weight flies until just below the kneecaps then someone puts the brakes on!!! Sweet, no pain no gain right? the rest of the workout was done on empty, i really concentrated on making my glutes and hamstrings fire on the Swingthroughs and felt them after and figured i would hit the Hamstrings even more with some Band Leg Curls which had them almost cramping, good times, good times!!! The deload week was nice but left me feeling antsy and lazy, hopefully the time off helped to reset the body for the onslaught to come....until next time, keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!


Stinn said...

Nice workout, those speed pulls look like a good time. I know that when I was doing the same sort of thing I couldn't have taken that short of a break.

John McDonald said...

Deadlifting against bands sounds like fun! I haven't done them but I have done deadlifts with chains. Similar concept, I guess.
The push/pull that you're doing, is that the APA meet?
I have an APA card and was thinking about going, if it's not too far from CT.

PowerLifter1974 said...

The speed pulls were actually pretty fun, i bought some I-Bolts and attached carbiners to them on the platform i use for benching and squatting with bands, now i have the capability i plan on using them in the future even after this meet, those things are killers. John, this is an APA meet, it is in Newport Me which is in the central part of ME, It is about 2 hours north of the ME/NH border. Look on the map for Augusta (state capital) and then look just above it and you should be able to find it....