Friday, April 28, 2006

04/27 ME Bench

Floor Press 155x5, 185x3, 225x2, 255x1, 275x1, 295x7x1
KB Triceps Extensions 48x4x6
Palms facing Pull-Ups 4x6,5,4,4
Band Face Pulls Miix3x12
Neck Traction 3x30 Second holds w/Mini's

Not too bad for not having done floor press is a long time, need to get this back into my ME rotation. Since i havent hit them in so long i figured i would do a bunch of 90% singles from my last known 1rm (325), this put me right in the optimal range of prilipens chart. After being inspired by the RAW website i did all reps with a long ass pause which absolutely killed me, probably a good idea, but they still sucked. The KB Extensions were a new movement i came up with that should get some results, the instability of the movement should definitely address the shoudler stability and gave a much better stretch in the Tri's than DB's. Chalk another one up for KB's. Next up was my pathetic attempt at Pull-Ups, god i suck at these, so im gonna keep hittin em because i have found that when i dont like an exercise it probably benefits me in some way. My Horizontal pulling strength is fine but my vertical, ugh!! The neck tractions i am definitely feeling this morning, at first i thought i slept weird but then remembered this movement, thanks to Chad Waterbury for reminding me of this monster....oh well, since i am at work to do some overtime i probably ought to get to work huh? Fuck the man cause im going fishing when im done....later all.........

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