Monday, April 17, 2006

04/17 Beginning of De-Load Week

5 minutes of mobility work
KB Single Arm Swingthroughs 63x4x8
Ab Pulldown 95x4x8
Avg Band GM's didnt keep count, just went till i was super tight

KB and Ab were supersetted with 30 seconds rest between supersets, these sucked and had me sucking wind bad. For an "easy" workout this had me feeling almost sick, really weird!!! Not much else to say, i figure tomorrow i will hit some SE Bench and get the upper body nice and pumped, maybe hit the yoke (i currently only have Egg-Beaters) and get them traps cookin.....Wednesday will be some sort of feeder and Thursday will be SE Squat night.....nothing in stone as its only Deload week....l8r

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