Thursday, December 07, 2006

12/06 ME Bench Shirted w/Rick

Raw Warm-Up 95x8. 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x2, 315x1
Shirted Bench (HPHD I think) 365x1, 405x1, 435xMiss 440x1PR, 455 Stapled!!!
CG 2BD w/Chains 225x3, 245x3, 275x3, 295x3x3

Tonight went better than expected. I wasnt in the best mood to lift, I was still sore from Mondays workout.

Well, it has been determined that the shirt I got is not in fact a RAGE X but is more than Likely an HPHD from Inzer, either way I dont really care as the results are well worth the $44 dollars spent. I actually like this material better than the rage material as it is easier to get on and adjusted, only takes around a minute, then minor tweaking before attempts. I may still get a RAGE X in the proper size to see what that bitch can do for me. Anyway, on with the hoot-nanny.

The 365 was grooveless and nothing to write home to ma about, the 405 was about the same, at that point I am sure Rick thought I was fibbing about the 425 last week. Then the 435 got out of groove and I couldnt lock it out, I got the right side done but couldnt get the left, which is unusual, normally it is just the opposite and my right side flakes out on me. Either way, I was quite confident as I called for 440, I knew I didnt utilize leg drive on the 435 and the set-up wasnt very good. I lowered the weight nice and slowly, stopped and slammed it home, easy peasy lemon squeezy!!! I swear if I could remember to do all the things right at once, every time, I could press a hell of alot more. After this victory i took a page out of Icarus' playbook and called for 455, this sucker stapled me, due to many things.

1. Concentration not 100%

2. Groove, What Groove?

3. Poor Set-up, dont think I was really ready

4. Who knows what else, fatigue? (I am up to 220 and conditioning aint what is used to be)

I fought the weight down and for some stupid reason didnt utilize leg drive, cuz I'm so friggin strong I can just Horse up 455, yeah right!! I really should have just stopped at the 440, live and learn I guess.

That was about it for the shirted bench, then we took the chains for a ride on the 2BD CGBP. The motivation was definitely down, after the shirt I felt pretty beat and would have rather taken a nap. But we pressed on and ripped out some pretty useful presses.

All in all I was quite happy with the workout and will finish up the assistance work tonight. This shirt has made benching fun again, and with the shoulder on the mend I am really enjoying this game again. Well folks, here's to getting strong!!!

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!


rawpowerlift said...

I am sore today. Good workout. I was happy with the 340. BIG GAS RULZ!! knock knock...who's there? Big what?

PowerLifter1974 said...

Big Gas!!!

Stinn said...

Weird....the rage and ragex say so right on the chest of the shirt. The older style shirts have the name on the tag. An older style shirt SHOULD be harder to get on and off since it should have a "hard back." They also pretty well don't have a groove, you just bench and they spring the weight a're looking at maybe 30lbs out of one of these.
Good benching either way.

Jon said...

Nice job on the pr.

PowerLifter1974 said...

This sucker is definitely older, but its not the rage material. I didnt pay much attention to it, was just happy of the poundage i got out of it. Now i am really curious what a Rage X would due time....for now i will stick with this shirt, what ever it is, and get a Rage X all fitted from Iron Gladiators....

Thanks Jon, hopefully i can squeeze more out of this puppy next time...