Friday, December 01, 2006

11/30 ME Bench-New Shirt

Raw Warm-up 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x2, 315x1
Shirted Bench Rage X Size 50 365x1, 385x1, 405x1, 425x1
CG 4 BD BP (Paused) 365x4x3
EDT 12 Min Pr Zone
Pendalay Rows 215x3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3
Rear Delts 45x3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3

Needless to say I am happy with my latest purchase. The Rage X is a different material than the Rage and seems to have more in the bottom. Also, this is way easier to get on by myself, I attribute this to the material. Where the Rage is more of an abrasive material the Rage X is more pliable and smooth. ALso doesnt cut into me like the Rage, which is actually a size or two too big. For $45.00 you cant beat it, and its in great shape.

The shoulder held up pretty well, it was still a bit painful from squatting the other day, but as always, when I bench it doesnt really hurt, weird but i'll deal with it. It definitely wasnt as bad as in the past. The warm-ups felt nice and when I got to 315 it felt as if I could have gotten 3-4, but that was not what this night was about.

So i put on the RAGE X...

365 was rough as I had no idea where the groove was, I almost broke my wrists by the feel of it and this was more of a grind than it should have been. So in typical fashion I said fuck it, there aint no way I am gonna only get 365 with this sucker!!

Up to 385, again a grind, couldnt get the feel right, and just felt like a mess. Stop? Nah, lets see if we cant break something.....

Put on 405, now this shit flew up, everything fired right and the groove must have been hit, now if only I can rememebr it. This weight felt like 315 RAW, very powerful and controlled. I may have sharted a bit due to the surprise. So with new found confidence I threw on another 20 lbs...

Not so well, but I got it. With the 425 I had a hard time getting the weight down and the path probably looked like a "S-Curve" riddled road. I hit the bar low and had to fight the bastard to get back in line, then the shirt ended and I had to muscle this puppy up from an awkwad position. I ended up getting it after what seemed an eternity. Satisfied with this outing after not doing much in the way of Bench the last month or so, I called it a night with the shirt. Very happy indeed!!!

CG 4BD I took it fairly easy as the last set of shirted bench took alot out of me, and the wrap up EDT stuff was grueling as per usual. So thats about it from my neck of the woods. I actually cant wait to get in this sucker later on when I have a spotter (You Reading Rick?) to give lift offs and help get the shirt on better. I guess the RAGE X lives up to all the accolades, good shit indeed...

Now I must venture on to the net for this picture I've hearing of featuring Brittany Spears with no underwear....a mans dream come true....

Keep It Dark, Keep It Heavy!!!!


rawpowerlift said...

I am glad you are in another weight class you gear whore. lol. I am in line trust me. As you know, I'm looking for a fury or f6 with a much tighter fit. Seriously that is very impressive. 500 is around the corner for you. See ya on the 4th.

Stinn said...

gear whore? he has two shirts? Man i hvae like 6: 50 fury, 50 f6, 50 katana s/s, 60 metal viking presser, 56 metal viking presser, 52 rage x

Mmmm shirt power! The fury is super old, the f6 was used, the katana is new. the metals i got two for one since metal sent the wrong size and the ragex is someone elses but i've used it.

Good benching Chris, now work that lockout hard!

PowerLifter1974 said...

By the sounds of that response you ARE the gear whore!!!...JK That outing you had at the 17 was most inspiring and impressive good work!!! Meta 2 for 1, how can i get in on that action? har har, i had a similar thing with inzer where i got a free beanie, box of chalk and wrist straps, thank god for good customer support and free stuff!!