Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12/11 ME Squat and a Story

SSB High BOx 115x10, 155x5, 245x5, 335x3, 385x2, 425x2, 445x1PR 425x2x1
Speed DL 275x3x3
KB Swing Thru Single Arm 53x6x6
Ab Wheel 4x10

Pretty good workout considering I think I just got rid of my twisted nut. Yep you heard that right folks, for the second time in my life I have fallen victim to this annoying malady. Not sure how it did this time but it aint no fun. With a Twisted nut you feel like someone is pinching your balls all day and all night, not hard, just slightly enough to cause discomfort. While riding in my bouncy Jeep to get my kid from school I "adjusted" myself and felt it go back, Phew!!! There is still some residual discomfort but nothing too bad, more of an annoyance.

To satisfy anyones curiosity out there, the first time I was stricken with this condition was when I was in the Air Force. Every Sunday night we had to clean the floors of our facility. This place had a long hallway then double doors at the end. A couple of buddies, I now use that term loosely, bet me that I couldnt ride a Chair w/Wheels down the hallway and get up enough speed to break through the double doors and clear the landing outside. Well, I did. And in the process the door knob hit me in the back and bruised my kidneys and some how or another I twisted a nut. This incident also led to my first experience of having a doctor shove a finger up my ass, but that is a whole other story. For my efforts I won a 12 pack of beer and ten bucks. Anyway, this is a powelifting blog right? On with the show....

SSB High Box were brutal as usual, the old right nut was kinda twingy and had my concentration in places other than the squat. But I pressed on and stood up with a PR of 445 for a single, lower than I wanted, but just what I got. To stay with the tradition of this methodology, I performed two more singles with 95% of the days max, that would be 425.

Next up on the plate was Speed DL's. These were performed with a complete reset whereby after each rep I would step back, re-approach the bar and pull another with as much force as possible. After three I would rest for 30 seconds and do it again. These felt good and fast and the form was spot on....good shit.

Well this week the KB's didnt hurt my shoulder as bad so I perform 6 sets of 6 and super setted it with the Ab Wheel. Last week I made fun of the Fred Flintstone like implement and will not do so this week. The Ab Wheel gods had a laugh at me last week by giving me a sore belly and an abnormal level of laughter...Ab Wheel equals good!!

Considering the tenderness of my nether region, I thought this workout went well. Twisted nut aside my body feels better, not sure if the skipping last two DE Squat days has caused this or not. But my lower back is not stiff at all and felt strong throughout. I will start back with the DE Squat and be more diligent in my workouts. This may be hard as on Dec 27th my daughter will arrive in this world and may have something to say about it....but I will try.....so unitl then.....you know the rest......


Jon said...

Hmmm... The first time. Do people have multiple times????

Congrats on the new addition. It's going to be a special xmas!

PowerLifter1974 said...

Thanks Jon, it should prove to be quite a hectic week for sure. As far as multiple times? I think i have just been "Lucky".....i most definitely would not recommend this to anyone, take care of your boys!!!

Kris said...

Well, this is just one modality among many some of which are just that much worse. You should also be informed that the usual curative measures are best negated.

Hope it clears up! You're one lucky man to be getting a daughter for Christmas!!!!