Tuesday, December 19, 2006

12/18 Squat Opener and DL PR

Geared Squat
Straps Down 135x5, 185x2, 225x2, 275x1, 365x1, 405x1,455x1
Straps Up w/Wraps 500x1, 525x1, 550x1
Deadlift 225x1, 315x1, 405x1, 475x1, 530x1PR

Had a pretty good night, worked up to a potential Squat opener of a meet in May (I know, got a long time until then) but I hope to hit an APA meet in Keene if they have it again this year in Feb. Gotta check the schedule....

As stated I went straps down to 455 and decided I ought to put the straps up with a lighter weight so as not to be in for any surprises. I have only used gear like twice in my life so I dont really know how it affects my form. Rick was over and we gave verbal cues for depth to ensure we werent inflating our numbers at all. From 455 I went to 505 and must say, I HATE KNEE WRAPS!!! The energy expended in putting them on, coupled with the loss of breath had me light headed as I got under the bar, thought for sure I would pass out before I even started the lift. The weights up to 550 all felt light on the back and the hardest part was dealing with the friggin wraps that not only hurt when cinched in, but takes your breath away before you even attempt a lift.....ugh!!! and I thought the bench shirt was bad!! No worries though, the 550 was smoked and I am quite sure after more time in the gear and considering other factors I will be good for anywhere between 600-650 come meet time. I should note that all day my knees felt like shit from a workout I did over the weekend involving Plyo-Jumps, whence the confidence in my projected numbers.

Next up was Deadlifts, definitely was not feeling it on these. After the Squats I was pretty beat, but we had already planned on doing them. Plus we cut the squats short in anticipation of going heavy on deads. Every single one of these felt like a ton, all the way from the 225 up to the 530. I thought I was done for on the 475 and said fuck it, lets throw on 530, last time we got together I pulled 525 with a hitch and no prior squatting, so my confidence was in the crapper for this attempt. Surprisingly I pulled the fucker and got it with no hitching, Woo-Hoo a new PR for this godforsaken lift!!!

That about wrapped it up, I messed around with the 550 on DL and various stances to see how far I could crack it from the floor. I was so wiped that the furthest I got it was an inch or two off the floor. Total waste of time but good to know. 550 is my next mini goal on the DL, if I had performed this lift alone I am pretty sure I could get it....there's always next time.

And so, from salada tea and me, Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!


Jon said...

Nice squatting and congrats on the dl pr. Training is going well for you.

PowerLifter1974 said...

Thanks Jon, that DL Pr was quite a surprise, was very happy with it after the squatting. Gives me an idea of what i'll be able to do in a Full Power meet....I cant wait to see the results of your Coan/Phillipi routine, i had toyed with that idea before i started Westside.