Sunday, December 24, 2006

12/24 SE Bench, Errr...New RAW PR

RAW Bench 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 275x1, 320x3, 345x1, 365x1PR, 320x2x3
Floor Press 275x4x5
Lat Pulldown 140x6x5
Olympic Grip Upright Row 135x6x5

Was only planning on working up to 320 for 3 sets of 3, after I got to the first set I decided to set a new PR for 1 Rep. This was a nice strong attempt considering I had already hit 320 for 3. Flirted with the idea of going higher but decided to do a couple drop sets. Pretty good outing tonight considering it was only supposed to be an SE night. But, acting on something I heard Louie Simmons say, if your feeling it, just go with it. You dont get the chance every outing. Plus with the impending Deload I figured what the hell.

Onto Floor Press, these were paused and Definitely felt them in the Triceps, good shit I tell you. The Lats and Uprights were pretty useful as well.

What can I say, its Christmas Eve, the Patriots won, and I hit a PR...Happy Holidays indeed.

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!


John McDonald said...

Nice job, Chris! Are you a 220 now or still a 198? Either way, that's very strong benching...

PowerLifter1974 said...

Thanks John,
I am currently a legit 220, After I hit the 405 Mark I plan on leaning out and hitting the 198. My current bodyweight jumps between 216 and 223, depending on hydration and time of the week. I Believe the close grip has helped out alot. At my last bench comp a dude that benched 605 recommended CGBP and said it will have a dramatic effect. Well, my bench has gone up and i added an extra 1/4 inch on the arms so something must be working.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you, and everyone else, a very merry christmas and a Happy New Year

John McDonald said...

Hey, Chris...
I'm about 210 right now, myself.
I keep planning on leaning out to 198 but losing those 10-12 pounds seems like the hardest thing on earth!
Mike Christian had me doing close grips religiously and it did help my bench grow a lot (from 285-315)...
You gotta hit those triceps hard!