Thursday, March 01, 2007

02/28/07 ME Bench

Band Assisted Bench Press 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 335x3, 370x4x2
CG 3 BD BP (Hella-Pause) 315x4x4
Olympic Grip Upright Rows 140x4x8
Mini Band Work (Face Pulls, Flyes, Pullovers, etc...)

As stated before, out of uncertainty innovation is born. Having never been able to figrue out a way to get bands set up the same way twice, I devised a set-up the gods would be proud of. I put the SSB over the top of my squat rack, essentially having pins in the upper position, then put the average bands on there and voila, I now have around 30 lbs off the bottom and no tension at the top, sweet deal!!!

I had to experiment a bit to find the optimal training load, but I think I managed it, next week we'll keep the poundage the same and up the volume to triples....should be interesting. All reps done with a complete pause at the bottom, making this quite brutal on the old shoulder, but I am sick of that fucking thing so I am just gonna truck on through and deal with it.....

The 3 Board Close Grip was done in the same fashion as last week, complete 2-3 second pause on the boards after the sink, then press. Again, this makes the movement about 20 times harder at that poundage....should show some benefit in the lockout department, my next wave I will add a board and do the same......

The rest was filler crap, I will most likely start back up with the EDT crap next week, I am in a carb depleted state as I want to lean out a bit and get back around to 210, no power-belly!!! This will be quite simple as I have just stopped with the McDonalds powerbulk, and kept the diet clean with super high protein intake....the rest takes care of itself. After this trim down it will be back on the Precision Nutrition program.

Thats about it from here, until next time......Eat Wheaties!!!

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