Friday, May 18, 2007

05/17/2007 DE Squat - Squat Critique Night

DE Box Squat 315x8x2
DE DL 315x9x1, 405x1, 505x1
Ab Pulldowns
Pull Throughs

This workout was done at a commercial gym called Planet Fitness here in Manchester. I had a couple guys from work that needed some pointers on how to do squats. All is what I can say is that I am glad I have my own gym, this place was a friggin social club for chrissakes.

And, sure as shit when we first walked up to the squat racks what do you think I saw? The oldest cliche in the book, to jamokes doing curls for the girls. You know, cus pickin the bar up off the floor to do curls just aint cool!!! Unbelievable I tell you....Then the little looks for actually doing a box squat, holy peeps from the other side of the room like I had a turd hanging out of my pocket. Enough of that rant....

315 went smooth and fast, it was a bit weird as the bar had no knurling in the middle of it and the bar whipped like hell with only 315, imagine if it was heavy day? Regardless, after giving some pointers and correcting some technical flaws in form for these guys, I figured I would check their Deadlift form.

Again, a few minor tweaks and they'll be fine. Due to lack of knurling again, I got a decent impromptu grip workout. I worked up to 505 to see what the bar would do, this sucker bent pretty good, if it could hold its straightness and have proper knurling this bar might make a good Deadlift bar. Frig that, I'll stick to my Texas Power Bar!!!

The Ab pull downs I did like as the pulley system is better than the one I have at home and the angle felt a bit better, but it aint worth joining a gym over I can tell you that much. Plu,s couple all of this with the fact if you grunt, clang weights, or make any noise even resembling a struggle you will literally sound off an alarm and be asked to quiet down. What the fuck is this place? Hell?

Anyway, this just reinforces that I did the right thing by turning my basement into a gym. This place is a joke, they cater to the person who wants to socialize and sit on a excercise bike while doing rating....Two steaming Turds and a splash of the Green Apple Splatter.

Keep it Dark, Keep it in the Basement!!!!

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Michael said...

Gotta love those whippy gym bars! Luckily, I am the fitness director at the gym and we are very powerlifter friendly and well equipped.

Powerlifter1974 said...

That would be nice, this place caters to the folks that have $10.00 a month automatically withdrawn from their bank accounts and never go, but when they do go its flappin the gums and playing grab-ass with the aerobics instructor.....different strokes for different folks I guess....