Tuesday, May 29, 2007

05/28/07 ME Squat

High Box Squat w/Chains 135x3, 235x5, 285x3, 330x2, 380x1, 425x3, 455x2
Wide Stance SSB GM's to Pins 245x4x6
KB Swingthroughs and Hanging Leg Raises

Not a bad night with all things considering. I spent the weekend up on Maine, and the bed I slept on screwed with my back a bit. Coupled with 6 hours of travelling I was quite happy with tonights results.

The Squats were fast and had my lower back not been stiff from the aforementioned events, I would have gone higher. Taking note from last weeks titty tear I stopped at 455, Cant wait to see what I have in me in 3 weeks, should be fun!!!

Wide Stance Good Mornings to pins were absolutely brutal, My whole back was in pain after these, I dropped the pins to # 12 which gave me a bigger range of motion than previous cycles. I kinda felt pukey afterward but nothing came up.....

KB Swingthroughs and Ab Raises were supersetted, I did not keep track of sets and reps, I figure it was around 5 set of 6-8.....my head wasnt in it at this point, I had food on the mind.....

Thats all, next up is ME Bench, figure to insert overhead ME work and do some repetition type stuff for chest and see how the tear is.....stay tuned.

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