Saturday, October 06, 2007

10/05/07 ME Squat

Low Box Squat w/Suit Bottoms 275x5, 335x3, 385x2, 440x1, 505x2, 525x2, 555x2x2
Low Box Seated Good Mornings 225x8, 250x8, 275x8
KB Swing Throughs 63x3x10
Ab Wheel 3x10

Wasnt feeling it today, but figured I would beat last week on volume, even if its only 20lbs. The flu or something is going around, I only got the hot flashes/headache portion of it, no muddles from the bum bum, thank god. There's no room for the hershey squirts in powerlifting

I will say one thing, everything over 500 felt uber-light, was a bit unsettled when the warm ups without the bottoms on felt heavy, slow, and ugly. Even still, my form felt like doo-doo, just couldnt seem to stay as tight as I would have liked....oh well, theres always next time.

Seated Good Mornings absolutely killed me, lower back was sore as hell all day today. I guess thats a good thing though. Will keep this movement in the mix for 2 more weeks, forgot how good it was.

Due to my shitty-ness, I just super-setted the last two exercises to get done and rest. Nothing really intense, just accessory....

Thanks for stopping by, Got Max Effort Bench Press coming up next, hopefully it will go better than last week. Seems its just one thing after the other around this joint, oh well....just keep lifting I guess, it comes with the territory known as POWERLIFTING.


Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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