Thursday, October 18, 2007

10/17/07 Deload Squat

Regular Old Squat 135x5, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 365x3, 405x3, 435x3
Monster Mini Leg Extsions
Elevated Lunge Jumps 4x6
Ab Wheel 2x20

Tonight was deload squat. Its always nice to have these, you can take it easy, nothing intense, thenmess around with other crap. Highly recommended for anyone in the powerlifting world.

Squats were done in the Dyanimc Effort vein, with the SE percentages. Emaphasis was put on speed during and between sets. Actually turned out to be wuite a little workout.

Monster Mini Leg Extensions was an experiment, not very good, will try to figure something out with these. The Elevated Lunge Jumps on the other hand, ugh. I hate lunges to begin with, this jst solidifies it. Lunges Suck, of any variety...

Thats about it for that, Question Time kiddies, gather around:

Melinda from Texas asks:

Do you prefer wide stance or close stance squatting? Why?

Powerlifting Etc answers:


I personally use a medium stance, I tried wide stance squatting, but where I dont use aggressive gear I found my hips took the brunt, and didnt like it. Narrow stance just plain felt weird, so I settled on the medium stance. Just outside shoulder width, maybe a bit more. With the single ply gear I currently use, and it aint flashy, I seem to get decent support, hit depth easy, and have no hip pain. So there you have it.

I personally think squat style is subject to the person. If you are comfortable with an ultra wide stance, knock your socks off, olympic stance, go for it....Medium stance, well then your just looking up to me as a super hero and I like that (Just Kidding). Powerlifting styles and methds are very subjective, what works for some does nt for others, and vice versa, experiment. Go with what feels right and allows you to push the most weight.

This is me on vacation....

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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NHPowerLifter said...

If that is you on vacation, then I would like to ummm...yah. Forget it....I just deloaded.