Tuesday, October 09, 2007

10/07/07 ME Bench

3 Board Press 210x5, 255x3, 300x2, 340x1, 385x1, 405x3, 425x3, 435x3, 445x1, 460xMISS
Chain Extensions +15lbs 4x8
Seated Rows 190x4x10
Double Mini Band Pul Aparts 3x12

At the time I wasnt happy with myself, but typing it in now I feel a bit better about my 3 Board work, hindsight is 20/20 in everything you do, including powerlifting. You see, my original plan was to just work up to 425 and hit a bunch of triples, but apparently my ADD kicked in and I changed course for a PR on the 3 Board Press. Now bear in mind, if Im feeling my oats on a certain day, I will got for it, but today wasnt the case and I went for it anyway, and failed. But, to put a positive on things, I did learn that I should stick to my plan, it was there for a reason and should have been followed....

So, the 3 Board Press was good and strong on all lifts except the 460, I was not even close to being focused. I controlled the weight down perfectly, kept tightness, good speed....but then the fit hit the shan....Upon reversal I just lost all tightness, misfired with the leg drive, dipped to the right for some reason (my whole body and not just the bar)...just a powerlifting train wreck all around. But, liek I said, lessons learned in no certain order:

- stick to your plan (if its a sound one of course)
- Dont lift heavy ass weight unless you are totally focused and into it
- dont get discouraged when you miss a weight, analyze it and beat it next time

So thats basically it, not gonna go into the finer points of the accesory work other than it got done and thats it. Oh yeah, did I fail to mention the Patriots rule? Cuz they do....Look out Dallas, theres a storm coming.....


Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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