Tuesday, October 02, 2007

10/01/07 DE Squat & Deadlift

Speed Squats 285x4x2, 315x4x2
Speed Pulls 365x12x1
Monster Mini Alternating Leg Curls 3x15
Monster Mini Wood Chop/Ab Pull Down Complex (Lost track of Sets/Reps, but alot)

Tonight was good, speed was dead nutz on. I think I actually got faster on the 315 for some reason. Speed powerlifting? in Are You Crazy Man?

Todays approach was the first half of the speed work performed with 55% of my 1RM 525 in the RAW Squat, and the second portion represented 60% of my max. Next week to end the cycle I will do all sets at 60%. So to recap:

Wk 1 - 8x2 @ 55%
Wk 2 - 4x2 @ 55%, 4x2 @ 60%
Wk 3 - 8x2 @ 60%
Wk 4 - 8x2 @ 55%
Wk 5 - 4x2 @ 55%, 4x2 @ 60%
Wk 6 - 8x2 @ 60%

My previous speed work always rotated around 50%-55%, So I am hoping with the added intensity (poundage), will translate into a bigger squat. Will repeat this cycle over the next couple of months in a wave type form and see what the results are. Stay tuned for experiment results.

BTW, My goal is to ncrease my RAW Strength which in the past has translated to Gear increase, I lift in single ply at the moment, not for any particular reason other than at this strength level I am being a cheap screw. Once I get stronger, hit elite in single ply I may move up to the better gear, who knows, who cares...It's all powerlifting!

Speed Pulls were nice, I took 30 second rests between pulls. Walked away from the bar, regained composure, then attacked the bar again, and again, and again...I was quite winded by the end of it, but the speed held up. 365 represented 60% of my projected max of 600, why 60% percent you ask? No good reason other than I read somewhere its good to do speed pulls at 60%, and it seems to work for me.

Monster mini work kills me for some reason, I didnt realize I performed these puppies last week with regular minis. So I was a bit surprised when I hit the 10 rep mark on my way to 15, the hamstrings were on fire, and those wood chop/pulldown complexs were no walk in the park either. Good Stuff, need bands? Go here...

I was Fast, But Not This Fast...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy...

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