Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10/28/07 ME Bench - PR

2 Board Press 205x5, 245x3, 285x2, 325x1, 365x3, 385x2, 405x3PR
3 Boards + a Yoga Mat Press 405x4x5
Justin Harris Rows 120x3x8
Monster Mini Flyes/Pullover Complex 3x30

405 turned out to be a PR in the 3 rep range. Felt pretty good on it, with it being the first week of this movement I stopped and left some in the tank. Hopefully its a sign of good things to come.

3 Boards + A Yoga Mat Press was different. My triceps were kiling me by the end. I chose to do this because I didnt feel like the 4 Board Press or the generic 3 Board Press. I saw the yoga mat sitting there looking pathetic and this popped into my head. Well, it was good enough to stay in the rotation for 2 more weeks.

Justin Harris Rows killed as per usual, I recommmend anyone out there that wants to add some falre to your lats to perform these, simply brutal. The monster mini complex sucked ass too, but it had my shoulders burning so I wont complain....Da, da-da daaa....Q&A Times folks...

Andrew from NY asks:

"I notice you keep short rest periods between your sets on speed day, what kind of rest periods do you use on Max Effort day?"

Powerlifting Etc Answers:

Hello Andrew,

On Max Effort Days, I always use the following sequence when warming up


I will go with a 1 minute rest until I hit the 90% or above weights, at that point I go with a 2-3 minute rest between. Just enough to recharge and hit it again, but not too long that I lose focus of what I am trying to accomplish. I time these with a stop watch as well. I find by doing it in this fashion, it keeps my workouts fast and efficient.

Hope this answers your question, thanks for asking.

Now I would like to say that the Boston Red Sox Rule!!! & lets not forget those New England Patriots, they aren too shabby either...


Keep it dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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