Thursday, October 11, 2007

10/10/07 Dynamic Effort Bench Press

Speed Bench w/Monster Mini's & Chains 135x4x3, 145x5x3
Band Assisted CG Floor Press 315x8,8,6
Pendalay Rows 255x4x7
Chain Complex 3x10

Speed was spot on tonight, tonight was the last workout with Monster Mini's & Chains together. I definitely got faster from week one, that first week was brutal!!! Next wave of Dynamic Effort Bench Press will consist of Straight Weight for 3 weeks in a 55%, 55%-60%, & 65%. Cant wait.

Band Assist Close Grip Floor Press had the triceps burning, they were bad enough after the speed work, but absolutely painful now. will probably leave these in for one more week as well as the rows and chain complex.

Okay folks, a new feature here at Powerlifting Etc, a bit of Q & A to answer subscribers questions. The questions of the day will be related to the type of day it is. So for instance, Max Effort Bench Press Day will have a Max Effort Bench Press Day related question. And as always, your identity is protected and information is safe here at Powerlifting Etc....

Erick from Michigan asks:

Do you really think Speed Work is necessary to get strong?

Powerlifting Etc Answers:

Hello Erick,

Here's my experience with Dynamic Effort Bench, I think for the development of strength it helps. DE training teaches the body to fire correctly when under a load, its also a great time to practice your form. I think where the confusion sets in is the percentages used. I know of many people that base the traitional 50%-60% percentage off a shirt max. This, I believe, is where the approach goes south for most beginners and intermediates.

Base your Dynamic Effort percentages off the 1 rm max for the movement you are doing. So for example, if you are doing DE Squat Low Box Squats RAW, then base your percentage off the RAW Low Box 1 RM. This may hit the ego a bit ut sometimes you gotta check the ego at the door. Follow this simple bit of advice and you'll do fine.

One final note, keep the percentages within the %50-%60 percent range, towards the higher end for beginners. Remember, this is not Max Effort Day!!! Possible wave below:

Week 1: 50%x8-10x2
Week 2: 55%x8-10x2
Week 3: 60%x8-10x2

Well, thats about it, hope you found something of use here and thanks for your question. For anyone else oute there that has a question, shoot me an email at, if you dont want your question public, just say so and I will reply offline.

Now, Good day to you!!!

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