Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10/22/07 Dynamic Effort Squat & Deadlift

DE Squat w/Chains (No Box) 290x8x2
Speed Pulls 365x12x1
Monster Mini Leg Curls 4x12
Ab Pull Downs 100x4x12

Well, motivation was an issue for this session, I didnt have it!!! So, to punish myself for not being into it, I limited rest between all movements to 30 seconds. This ensured I got my workout done faster, and got me back to the couch quicker.

I opted to go with Dynamic Effort Squats w/Chains but no box, for this mini cycle. I figure this will work the form and keep me honest. Speed was good, the tweaked knee from hiking doesnt seem to be bothering, all is well.

Speed Deads went well, everything was fast and the speed felt dialed in. On some of the reps it felt like I could have snatched the weight over head (though I highly doubt I could have, but it felt like it...). Luckily, the unmotivated feeling left me by this point, though I stuck to the 30 seconds rules I set...My lungs were hoping I wouldnt...

The rest was what it was, accessory crap done to simply support the main lift, nothing more. Though my hamstrings felt like a guitar string wound too tight, ugh....thats it, time for Q&A:

Iz from Ohio asks:

Have you ever thought of using deadlifts as your main exercise on Dynamic Effort Day?

Powerlifting Etc Answers:

Hello Iz,

I had thought about using Deadlifts as my main movement years ago before I learned the effects on the Central Nervous System. Im not sure how long you have been lifting, or your experience in powerlifting, but I think you would find you might get a bit run down deadlifting that much. I know for myself that would be the case, especially where I try to throw in a fairly heavy Deadlift variation on Max Effort Day.

Now depending on your experience level, you may be able to get away with it. If you stick to the 50%-60% range, yet only have a max Deadlift of 300, you could probably get by with Deadlifting everyweek in this fashion, the intensity of this day is dependant on your 1 rm.

The higher the 1rm is the higher your Dynamic Effort day percentages are gonna be. I know for myself, performing traditional 8x2 at 50%-%60 would eventually wear on me, assuming I would still be performing Speed Squatting and hitting a variation on Max Effort Day...

I guess what I am trying to say is experiment. Try it, and if it works, keep it. conversely, if you start suffering symptoms of overtraining, then back off....Good Questions though, thanks.

Well all, thats it from my neck of the woods.....

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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