Friday, February 03, 2006

02/03 DE Bench

Dynamic Bench Press 170x8x3
DB Tricep Ext 55x4x6
6 Minute EDT PR Zone
Chest Supported Rows(on Low Pulley) 100x5x5
DB Overhead Press 55x5x5

Not too bad a day, the bench presses were nice and fast. The DB ext were giving me a bit of trouble as last night i pulled something in my left bicep, i have absolutely no idea what i did but it friggin killed me. I actually broke out an ice pack after the workout. The CSR's and DB overhead press were way too light so i figure next time i will raise the weight. The weird thing about the bicep (lower insertion) thing was that it didnt hurt while doing the excercises, just excruciating in between sets and afterward, guess we'll see how that pans out. I have a few days for it to recover before it gets hit again, im not overly concerned at this point as the weights werent affected. Well thats it for now, gotta go play X-Men action figures with my son, i get to be Wolverine, Yes!!!!........

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