Monday, February 20, 2006

02/20 DE Squat

DE Box Squat 205x8x2
Pull Through's 100x3x12
Stand Crunches 50x3x12
Side Bends 50x3x12

This was a shorter workout, i really focused on my form on the squat. After reading up i figured out what my bicep pain is, bicipital tenodonitis caused from gripping the bar too narrow on the squat. Remedy is to take a wide grip and warm up the joint prior to working out, it is also recommended to wear elbow sleeves that will keep the joints warm. I put some icy hot on it tonight and am relatively pain free so i am quite happy with the wide grip already. It does take some getting used too, the bar feels like it wants to fall off my shoulders, although the wider grip did allow for me to create a better groove to place the bar in, the shoulder baldes were fully retracted which caused i nice little bar holder...i ordered some sleeves off elitefts which shuld come in this week along with my coc #2's which is another story(i want to close the #3's by summer)....anyway thats about it for tonight, l8r days willie mays............


Stinn said...

Tendonitis is really over diagnosed. Try looking into trigger point therapy or Active Release Technique(A.R.T.) specialists in your area that will allow you to lift pain free.
If I'd have to wager a guess I'd say your pain is coming from the rotator cuff muscles, if it's right down the bicep I'd say it's infraspinatus and if it's in between the bicep and tricep I'd say it's supraspinatus.
Good luck with the shoulder/bicep.

PowerLifter1974 said...

Yeah im gonna look into that ART therapy, although for now i have zero pain, not to say its not hiding out there on the horizon though....nothing wrong with a bit of preventative maintenance though....though for the advice!!