Friday, February 17, 2006

02/16 ME Squat

11" Box Squat 135x5, 225x3, 275x2, 315x1, 365x1, 405x1, 420x1PR, 430x1PR
SLDL's 295x5x3
DB Lunges (2) 50lbs DB'sx3x10
TKE's Mini Bandx3x8

This night went way better than i expected, i've been working on my hip flexibilty and kind of felt like i overdid it the night before, still had some residual soreness from stretching. I got to the 405 on Box Squats and nearly missed it as i got out of the groove. I was about ready to give up when i thought about a story i read about Chuck Vogelpohl where he once missed a weight and said fuck it, add more weight and nailed the lift. So, feeling inspired i went for the weight i missed 2 weeks ago and really concentrated on my form, specifically the pushing out against the belt and nailed the sucker with plenty in the tank so it was decided to go for more. The 430 was a bit harder as my form wasnt the best, about half way up i rounded a bit but still got it. I was contemplating going up to 440 since i nailed 430 with bad form but decided to leave it there. I was pretty psyched as last time i bombed on this sucker and was pretty disappointed in myself. So im pretty happy now. the rest f the workout was pretty grueling as i was quite gassed. The TKE's were a last second addition, i felt these suckers the next day though, my quads are burning like hell so i guess i'll be keeping this movement around and hopefully keep my knees in check. Anyway, thats about it, now its time to recover as i am quite sore today. Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!


nhpowerlifter said...

Nice gains and great job feeling it out and getting 2 PRs. If you had stopped at 405 you would be pissed.

PowerLifter1974 said...

Thanks Rick, i agree, i think if i had stopped that weight would have haunted me for awhile....Did you get your shirt?

Michael said...

Solid box squats. Those are some tough bastards. Getting strong here bro!

nhpowerlifter said...

No I didn't get either. I lost the bid on eBay too. Oh well. I need to build my base up anyway.