Tuesday, February 14, 2006

02/13 Stretching/Retaliation

20 Minutes of stretching the Hams, Hips, and that general region.
Recuperative Hammer Curls 25x3x15
Band Good Mornings Avg Band 3x15
Avg Standing Crunches 3x15

As stated in the title, the purpose of this extra workout was retaliation for my back tightening up like a muther fahq'er. I stretched my lower body for like 20 minutes, actually broke a sweat from it. During that time it became quite evident that my posterior chain is tight as all hell. Later i find out this is quite common for lifters that have not previously put much focus on their posterior. While strengthening that area and adding muscle the lifter forgets that he must maintain flexibilty in that region, guess what? I was that knucklehead, the part that pisses me off is i know better, i figured the low box squats would suffice for the stretch required but i was wrong. In typical fashion i wait til things manifest themselves fully before i fix em, again lesson learned.....enough of that rant, you get the picture, i got tight hips, whoop dee doo, now go fix it..........til next time, get yer finger out of yer nose!!!

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