Wednesday, February 22, 2006

02/22 DE Bench

Speed Bench w/Chains 170x8x3
#8 Pin Press 315x4x6
Barbell Bent Row 185x4x10
KB Side Raise 20x4x6

Had a pretty good night, it started with a teleconference i got to listen in on with Charles Staley interviewing Dave Tate (entered into a pseudo-random-raffle-thingy on t-nation and got it). This lasted around 45 minutes and was pretty inspiring. I was psyched as these two guys are but two of my idols in the strength arena. Anyway, the Speed Bench was just as it suggests, fast. I received my elbow sleeves today from elitefts so these kept my bicipital tendonitis within check (still slight tingles but 95% better than before). The rest of the workout was on the fly decisions as i wasnt sure how the old elbow would feel. The Pin Presses probably could have been heavier but again, i didnt want to push it. The Bent Rows felt good considering i hadnt done them in a couple of months, the form didnt deteriorate either so i was really happy with that...Well its getting late and i also received my copy of Mel Siff's Supertraining so i want to get some reading in, so until next time.....Eat at Joes


Kris said...

Never heard of bicipal tendonitis before, got me interested as I have been having a bit strained biceps lately. You might have seen this, but found an extremely nice page with manual tests for assessing various shoulder/biceps conditions:

Take it easy with that biceps.

PowerLifter1974 said...

I was thinking that when i read your blog and you were mentioning your biceps pain. I Stumbled across BT and they described my sypmtoms to a "T". I incorporated their advice and the pain is gone. I read about this sort of thing in some of my courses but they dont draw any correlation to squatting, i didnt either until now. Thanks for the link, now i got some reading to do.....