Monday, February 06, 2006

02/05 DE Squat

Dynamic Box Squat 205x8x2
Dimel DL's 225x4x6
EDT 6 Minute PR Zone
GHR (utilizing Stability Ball on a Bench) BWx5x6
BB Calf Raises 225x5x6

Not bad of a day, i used it more for technique work, im currently in the process of taking a wider stance in the squat so i've been gradually widening the stance over the last couple of workouts. I've been implementing some hip-mobility stretching that i lifted from T-Nation's article "Get Your Butt In Gear" by Eric Cressey. Its apparently working as now i can take a pretty wide stance without much form degradation or feeling of extreme tightness in the groin. Now i just gotta work it hard to keep my shoulder from rounding over and get the weights up......well thats about it, oh yeah i watched the superbowl, not much fun without the patriots in it but at least its football..........


nhpowerlifter said...

I've heard of Dimel Deadlifts, but what are they exactly? What do they target mostly? hams?

PowerLifter1974 said...

The dimel Deadlift is basically a partial Deadlift, you start by doing a normal DLwhen you get to lockout is where it changes. From there you do partial DL's in a ballistic fashion to just below the knee caps, be sure to start the movement by pushing the glutes back, this isnt recommended as a ME more of a supplemental lift due to the ballistic fashion of it. If you go to elitefts excercise index section under the q&a they describe this and a ton of others.