Tuesday, August 07, 2007

08/06/07 DE Squat/DL

DE Bench w/Monster Mini's 155x9x3
Monster Mini Seated Tricep Pushdowns 3x12
Chest Supported Cable Rows 80x4x12
Side Delts 10x3x15

Monster Mini's on Dynamic Effort Bench killed. By the end my triceps were burning. Got two more weeks with these, will look to move up 10-15 lbs unless speed suffers. But again, if you got monster mini's chuck them into a cycle and see for yourself, quite a bit different than regular mini's.

Monster Mini Seated Tricep Pushdowns were done with the bands choked over the top of my rack and the D-Handles attached, I then laid down on an angled bench and pressed down over the front of me. These had the triceps burning badly. I adjusted tension by sliding further down the bench thus creting more tension on the bands. Brutal, and did I mention I really hate rep work?

The rest was what it was, rep worked that I really hate, end of story. Next up is DE Squat/DL day with the Safety Squat Bar, woo hoo!!!!

What Kind of Carry Over Do You Think I Get Out Of This Suit?

Keep It Dark, Keep It Heavy....

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