Friday, August 10, 2007

08/09/07 ME Bench - 30lbs PR

3 Board Press 185x5, 225x3, 275x2, 305x1, 345x1, 385x1, 405x1, 435x1PR, 455x1PR
3 Board Press (Downset to comply with 90% Volume) 405x3
Lying Tricep Extensions w/Chains 65x8,6,5,4
D-Handle BB Row 135x4x6
Rear Delt Raise 20x3x15

Well, needless to say I was quite happy with tonight. The 3 Board Press was a 30 pound personal record over my last try. Guess I will have to look over my records and see what could have attributed to this. Wasnt sure how the night was gonna go, I was lifting alone again and was unsure about the unracking by myself aspect, its hard to do and screws with the set up a bit...oh well.

Anyhow, my original plan was to go to 385 and get some volume work in. But I hit the 385 with such speed and power I could feel a PR in my bones, so like all meatheads do I said "screw your original plan and lift something heavy sucka!" Last week I missed a triple at 405 (just got 2), I think it was due in part to getting a hand off, lifting with a new partner etc.. kind of screwed with my head, so concentration was a factor. Tonight however everything just felt light.

405 flew to lockout, as did 435 for a PR, Previous 3 board press personal record was 425, and quite sloppy as I recollect. But tonight 435 was smooth as butter on Bea Arthur's dimply ass....ugh, refocus.....

455 wasnt too bad to unrack, got set nicely went down and hit the board, paused longer than I anticipated but who gives a rats ass. On the way up things got interesting. I press out of my power rack, so the uprights can get in the way if you are positioned too far back. Well guess what happend? Yup, I hit the uprights and thought I was done, I couldnt figure out why the bar stopped as it got to this point rather fast. I looked up and saw the bar under the pins, I lowered it just enough to get around them, locked it out, held on for a bit, then racked the bitch. Phew...was contemplating going for another but decided on dropping down to a triple at 90% of my new PR. Success!!

Gonna get back to basics on tricep work. On days I do Board work, my tricep work will consist of extensions, puchdowns, and the ultimate tricep builder.....da-duh-da-duh.....Triceps Kickback, the secret weapon in todays top notch powerlifting routines!!! Just kidding, about the kickbacks. When a Full range movement is my primary movement of the day, my tricep work will consist of board work....

Thats about it for now, most people dont give a steamer about the accesory work so I will leave it at that.....,

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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