Thursday, August 16, 2007

08/16/07 DE Squat/Deadlift - 15lb PR

SSB Speed Squats 285x8x2
Deadlift Singles 315x1, 405x1, 505x1, 570x1PR, 500x3x1
Monster Mini Leg Curls 3x12
Side Bends 75x3x10

Ever have one of those days when you feel stronger than normal? YOu just know you can hit a PR in a lift for some unknown reason? Well I had one today. I was driving home from work and was scheduled to lift after I had dinner. But something inside me told me to lift when I got home, I had tons of energy for some reason. So, though it pissed the old lady off who had made Tacos, (I love Tacos!!!) I informed her I was going to lift first, eat later.

Now, It was a scheduled Dynamic Effort Squat night, so rather than just go for the Deadlift (which by the way was the lift I planned on PR'ing in) I figured I would stick to the template and do the speed work as planned. Then, onto to Deadlifts, or deficit pulls as I have come to call them, this due to my plates not being of regulation diameter, Hey Rick, those plates still for sale?

Anyway, all warm up weights flew to lockout so I knew something good should happen. Last time I went heavy on Deadlift I missed 560 due to grip I believe, gotta check the archives....anyway, 505 was fast and smoothe and I contemplated hitting 525 on the way up, something told me to pass and load all the weight I have on there, so 570 it was. I set up originally but the song I had playing just ended and the silence caused a lack of focus, so I stopped and took minute to reset. Rewinded the tune and started over, set up was mediocre and I didnt take all the slack out so the start was ugly, but by mid shin I generated enough speed to get it to lockout. I held on at lockout for a bit longer to see how the grip would fare. It held up, but I need more grip work for sure.


All in all I am quite happy, and with next week being a De-Load I figured it wouldnt hurt to have a go. I left the DE stuff in there to give myself an excuse in case I missed the pull, stupid psychology. But here's what I see I got to do to get this lift up over 600. Technique, Grip, and confidence. I believe i have the strength to pull 600, but the mechanics just arent in place. I know my grip is a weak link, with out the feeling of security there, the lack of confidence jsut spreads to the other portions of the lift and all the little things combined add up to sub par lifts. But, at least I know under suboptimal psychological conditions I can hit this, now I just gotta go put in the extra effort right? I know I know, shut Chris, you got your friggin PR now go back to work and shut I will....

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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