Thursday, August 02, 2007

08/01/2007 ME Bench - A New Partner?

3 Board Press 225x5, 275x3, 315x3, 365x3, 385x3, 405x2
Beakers 185x10, 225x8
D-Handle Barbell Row 135x12, 160x10, 195x8, 220x8
Rear Delts 20x3x15

Had decent night for not having benched in about two weeks. A potential lifting partner by the name of Troy has moved to the area from Bangor Maine, close to my old stomping grounds growing up. He comes from a gym where there were about 25-30 lifters. I told him he was spoiled.

One of the guys he used to lift with goes by the name Greg Panora, just a slightly strong dude if you happen to follow the sport of Powerlifting and the boys at Westside Barbell where he know resides. So the good thing is Troy seems to know what he's doing in the gym, what a relief. So over the next couple of weeks we are going to work our schedules out to hopefully get some good sessions in and train for the October Bench Meet here in Manchester, from there I must find a Full power meet, update my gear and go hit some huge numbers....sounds like a plan eh?

Anyway, having always lifted alone it was alot different having a lift off and spotter there. The first lift off I was thinking in my head "what the hell is this guy doing standing over me?" then I realized he was lifting off and spotting, what a novel idea!!! I ended up working up to a 405 double, tried a triple but I believe mental focus was the issue more so than anything. With that I stopped, the shoulder was a bit twingy and I did not want to push it...

Beakers were new and something Troy had done up in Maine, so I figured why not try something new, that is where the game is, ever expanding your context to achieve your next level of strength right? While these werent necessarily taxing muscle wise, I learned quick that me and reps on the bench suck, I kept forgetting to breath after the first coupole of reps. Geez, think I neglect my rep work much? Well, Last time I checked there aint no bench for reps contest at any reputable meets...that would be like the Tandem Deadlift, completely and utterly useless....

The D-Handle Barbell Rows were born out of necessity. It was recommended we ought to do bent rows with one of those V-Handle contraptions people use for pulldowns and seated rows. Well I dont have one, so my innovative mind kicked in and I rigged up my D-Handles with a nylon strap and wrapped it around the bar, the result was a new movement that I instantly loved and will use over the next 3 weeks on accessory work.

Rear delts smear delts, this post is long enough, next up on the plate is DE Squat and Deadlift...

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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