Sunday, October 08, 2006

10/08 DE Squat-Last of the Heavies?

SSB Speed Squat 225x8x2
2" High Chain Squats 405x3, 455x3, 500x3, 525x3, 555x3
8" Box Pulls 405x3, 455x3, 525x3

Well, since this is the last day i really have a chance to go heavy i figured i would do the major pulls and squats. I just built some platforms for bench spotting and pullng off of. I thought what better day to use them than today...The speed squats are what they are, somethiing you dont realize benefit you until you are under heavy weight and moving it slowly, thats when you realize how much speed benefits you. The Chain Squats were a last second decision as i dont want to go heavy any closer to the bench meet than this, and even this was probably ill considered. but i wanted to overload my squat form and see what i could do...555 for 3 was the final decision as i had to leave something in the tank for the platform pulls. The pulls were a bitch as i was pretty tapped after the squats, i alomost quit after the first pull as it was a grind...then something kicked in and i said fuck it, this is what i am here for. i went to 455 then 500 and said what the hell, i aint doing no accessory work today, thats for the birds... i went to 525 from what equals mid-shin level and ripped out 3 reps and started cramping on the third so i stopped there.....spent and beat i ventured upstairs to watch the Patriots squeak out a win against the Dolphins!!!....what a great day....all is good in the universe and i am sore....good times, any time you need a payment, good times any time you need a dream....or something like for sure......

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