Monday, October 30, 2006

10/29 DE Bench

Speed Bench w/Chains 205x9x3
CGBP w/Chains 255x5x4
EDT 10 Minute Pr Zone
Seated Face Pulls 65x5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5
Front Raise 30x5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5

Speed bench was good, last couple of sets I felt my pec-a-rooni which was kind of depressing. I am gonna be going up to the mountains for the week so I will be able to rest up there, luckily my timeshare has a pretty good gym. So at the most I will miss my ME Bench this week, I probably need it. Like the Jive Turkey I am, I didn’t stop at the Speed Bench and proceeded as planned. The Close Grip stuff didn’t seem to hurt to badly which is good I guess.

On the EDT stuff I upped the weight but kept the reps, thus progress is made as I moved more total weight in the same period of time. Nifty stuff I tell you. Other than that, had a good day trick or treating, he went as a pirate i went as a powerlifter with a broken wing. He and his friends sprinted around the block for like 45 minutes before they succumbed to the cold in their lungs. Got quite quite a bit of grub for such a short jaunt. Later that night I had to administer motrin for sore feet and sore shins (I’m guessing shin-splints), his pain was forgotten around the time he ripped into about 5 lbs of candy, ahhh....what a day....Until next time...Keep it Dark,.....aww you know the rest...

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