Monday, October 16, 2006

Bench Meet Recap

APF Open Bench Meet 10/14/2006


1. 330- Miss, Beat the press command, Idiot

2. 350-Good, Smoked it…

3. 375-Good, fought that sucker for a good ten seconds, shirt was not adjusted correctly and slipped when bar was on chest.

This was actually a fun little meet, there was only 16 lifters so it went quick. There were some pretty good benches this day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The finale of the show had this big 310 lb dude get 600 for a lifetime PR and a retirement lift. Said he had been chasing this weight for a long time now and said he will retire and drop the weight after he gets it. Well he did with room to spare.
I was quite happy with my performance given my sore shoulder, though it does seem to be getting better. Warming up it acted up a bit and had me a little worried, but after the first lift, and dumbass miss, I forgot about it and pressed on……I ended up competing in the 220 class at 204, I was trying to cut the weight down to 198 but had a family issue pop up at the last moment which prevented me from doing it. Rick says I won the 220 division but i wasn’t paying attention when my named got announced. Oh well, experience is vital at this stage of the game, cant let that get me down….
Fellow Northeast Barbeller Rick Hussey also competed this day and won the 198 Open Class in his first ever meet. His attempts were as follows:

1. 300- Smoked

2. 320- Smoked again

3. 335- Miss, Mental mistake, started to beat the press command, stopped, then lost momentum. Definitely not a strength related miss…

Recap & Future Plans…..

All around a good day, they will have another one in Feb which I will probably do. I was planning on dong either the APF meet in Meredith or the APA meet in ME in the beginning of November but am still deciding. I forgot about these meets and haven’t really trained for them, plus I would like to let my busted wing heal a bit so I can total a bit better….will give it another week then decide, who knows….I think at this point I have a few meets under my belt and know what to expect, so I may just concentrate on getting stronger, healthier, and gain a bit of weight to compete as a proper 220 lb’er. All the heavy pulling and stuff as of late if making it a bit harder to keep the weight down, plus I love to eat so this will suit me fine…..well with this behind me I will move on in my training and start a new 3 week mini cycle with the aforementioned E.D.T principles thrown in for accessory work to see how this works…..should be fun…….

10/15 Bench Accessory
Close Grip w/Chains 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 225x5, 225x4
Seated Face Pulls 60x3x12
*Palms Facing Front Raise 20x3x12
*Rear Delt Raise 20x3x12

* = Perform Back to Back to Back, very pump-a-licious…….


rawpowerlift said...

I definitely had a great time. I am happy with the results and will shoot for 345-350 for the Feb Meet. We've got 3-4 months, so I don't think that's impossible....

Michael said...

Congrats on the meet! I would think if your going to gain weight that you should continue to do meets. Also, working in your gear would become even more of an issue so as to see how much weight makes your gear fit tight, loose, or too tight. As far as your shoulder, I've said it a 1000 times to make your rear deltoids strong not just big. Work on doing reverse pec dec with the stack or doing strict bent over laterals with the 80 or 100 pound dumbells.

Kris said...

Good going Chris! Still planning on doing the virtual meet Feb 9th-11th as well, or does it collide with the real meet?

PowerLifter1974 said...

Thanks Fella's

Rawpowerlift, i definitely think 350 will be attainable for you, especially after we get more shirt work in.

Mike, Thanks Mike, i agree i need to get into my gear more if thats the way i plan on lifting, which i guess is, though i plan on developing both raw and geared strength, i dont want to be one of those guys....The Rear Delts, ahh the missing link in the bench press, i have read this everywhere from everyone....i agree it can be overlooked, i actually do extra workouts for these that i dont list just because they are quite boring, if it falls on a regular training night it gets listed, if not, its lost to the public. As i have figured out, this "injury" wasnt related to an acquired muscle imbalance from negligence of training the area but a combination of me doing foolish things, not rehabbing, and definitely not training around the injury properly...that being said it is better and now resembles more of a slight pec tear than anything else, in due time all will be well.....

Kris, i defnitely plan on doing the virtual meet regardless of where i am at in training, i think it would be cool to be part of something such as this. Kudos toyou for taking on such a lofty project!!

Jon said...

Congrats on another good meet. Where do you plan on competing in February?

PowerLifter1974 said...

i believe its here in manchester or maybe out in Keene NH, i got to double check that