Tuesday, March 06, 2007

03/06/07 ME Bench - And A Story

Band Assisted Bench Press 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3, 315x3, 340x3, 370x3x3
3 BD CG BP 320x4x4
Chain Suspended Overhead Press 205x3x3
Ano Rows 110x10, 120x10, 130x2x8

Threw in a bit more volume on the assisted bench press. Again, this set-up allows for no help at the top and around 30 lbs at the bottom. Quite brutal to be honest. This was follow up by 3 Board Close Grip Bench Press for the same weight/reps as last week. My shoulder was was a bit twingy from helping a buddy out again (and hopefully the last time) moving.

Highlight of the weekend was I carried the ass-end of a 1930's piano around 2 trips of 500 feet, including stairs, it took three guys on the other end. Man I looked so cool....yeah right. That little feat made my hips hurt a bit. Then to keep in line with this strongman training, this dudes nimrod wife packed around 1000 childrens books into two boxes (estimated weight of around 100lbs each) these became atlas stones and man did those friggin jaunts hit my hamstrings, I actually ripped the pants I was wearing right down the middle when I set the first box down....Needless to say on sunday my forearms were actually sore from all the gripping and shit, these people are pack rats like I've never seen, which meant a great workout, but a long day. I killed around 24 beers this day, may they rest in peace....So after all the heavy stuff I got stuck moving, my CNS is in a fry-daddy state, so I am treading lightly....

Back to the workout, by the time I got to the overhead presses my shoulders and triceps were shot, which explains why I could only muster the miserable 3x3 on this weight, hell last week I took 225 for 5 on this movement, of course not after ME Bench...

Next up were the Ano Rows I got off elitefts workout logs. Ano Turtianen was doing these in one of his posts, so I did them last week and this week. These suckers hit the upper back pretty good, I use an angled lat bar so you can get a really good extensions at the back.

Thats it for now, next up is ME Squat, I did something funky to my quad last week, it appears to be gone so cross your fingers.......until next time....

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