Tuesday, March 27, 2007

03/26/07 ME Squat

SSB High Box Squat w/Chains 155x5, 205x5, 245x3, 295x2, 335x1, 385x3x3
Conventional Deadlift (Deficit?) 455x3, 475x3, 505x3
Leg Curls, Ab Pulldowns, SSB Calf Raises

Well I am one glad puppy, this cycle of Safety Squat Bar High Box Squats w/Chains is over!!! Next cycle will see Low Box Squat w/Chains, or maybe bands, havent decided. Next week will most likely be a De-Load week as I must go to Switzerland for work. Perfect Timing.....

I probably could have gotten more out on the box squats, contemplated going 4x4, but at the last second I decided I was going to pull some, so 3x3 remained. As previously stated, when doing any kind of rep-work for squats I am now using my elitefts belt, this one allows me to breath better after the first rep...So anyway, the 385 felt pretty good, and did I mention it was fast?

Onto the Deadlifts,or should I say deficit pulls...Last time Harold came over for heavy squats he brought a couple of his 45lb plates. Well needless to say we discovered that my plates are in fact 1 3/4 smaller in diameter, resulting in me basically pulling from deficits every time I pull...imagine that? Mine measure 16 inches, and from a little internet research we found comeptition plates to be 17.5 inches. Guess this should help at meet time huh?

Anyway, these deads killed me as my lower back and legs were beat from the squatting. 455 was slow as I didtn do any sort of warm-ups (Felt I was plenty warm-up from the Squats), 475 was much faster, and easier. The 505 moved much better than I figured it would. I was pretty wiped by this point and figure I would get 2 at most, but not this night....the last one was a grind, no hitching, just slow as all hell....

I really wanted to quit after the Deadlifts, but didnt want to neglect my accessory work, so I sludged my way through some Leg Curls, Alternating Ab Pulldowns to hit the obliques, and some Calf raises to try and add some size to my tiny ass calves....I was almost physically sick after this workout for some reason, it took me a good hour to recover fully....

Well that is it from my world, until next time....Where's the Beef?

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NHPowerLifter said...

Nice job Mr. Small Plates. Looking really strong. While you are over there in Switzerland make sure you try B"undnerfleisch. Basically air-cured/dried beef. I think it's a near national dish over there. A friend brought me some and it's pretty dang good. Much different than beef jerky, but better. It's not raw and it's not cooked.