Thursday, March 22, 2007

03/21/07 ME Bench

Bench Press w/Mini's 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 245x3, 275x3x3
3 Board Press 365x4x3
Chest Supported DB Rows 40x3x12
KB Front Swings 33x3x10

Bench Press w/Mini's, ugh....I beat the reps per set, and overall volume from last time so I guess I cant complain. Just messes with your head when you se a bar weight of 275 and it feels heavy. Anyway, the shoulder felt pretty good, I guess since its not hurting every time out now something must be working. Anyway, the weight at the top felt about the same as 365 so I am guessing that is the tension up there, at the bottom its probably around 320-330, I just know the weight leaves the chest pretty quick but the brakes get clamped down at the top. After the first set my triceps are pumped to the gills, so you better have your tickets!!! The gun show has come to town!!! (I am an Idiot)

3 Board Presses are grueling after the first movement where the triceps get a beat-down, but I figure its gonna develop some good lockout strength for sure. 365 is arond 85% of my last known 1RM so I would venture a guess and say my 3 board max has gone up, maybe next cycle I will throw them in to test the waters. But who really cares as long as my RAW and shirted bench go up right?

Chest supported rows will get weight added, I was simply being too lazy to add weight and decided to hit some reps. Man, my endurance sucks!!! Then the KB swings reminded me of my injury as my left shoulder was burnin with pain by the end of them. So what did I do? Hammer the snot out if more, this sucker is either gonna break or get better. Symptoms sound like that of a torn labrum in which case there aint a damn thing I could do anyway but get surgery, and I hate doctors!!!

Thats it from tinsel town, (yeah tinsel, like the kind that hangs out of your dogs butt at xmas time) What is wrong with me?

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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NHPowerLifter said...

I know what is wrong with you. You are giddy that this shit really works. Well that and you have probably had a pot of coffee already. On a serious note, those BPs with minis are really tough. I've only done them twice, but I REMEMBER.

Powerlifter1974 said...

As a matter of fact I do have around a pot of coffee in me....Got one more week with these BP Mini's, they are a love/hate movement for sure....

John McDonald said...

Hey, Chris
Nice workout! I remember when I was band benching I kept the tension almost constant by doubling up the bands. Are you doubling the minis up or choking them at the bottom of the rack?
Abusing your triceps like this will definitely improve your lockout strength. I think I need to take a page from your book...

Powerlifter1974 said...

Hey John,
I double them upbasically, I run the band under the squat rack and put them on the bar. Like I said, when I was done with tis workout I had a pretty good triceps pump, its gotta pay dividends in the end...