Wednesday, March 21, 2007

03/19/07 ME Squat

SSB High Box Squats w/Chains 155x5, 205x5, 245x3, 305x3, 335x3, 385x4x2
Block Pulls(2" below knee caps) 315x1, 405x1, 505x3x3, 455x3
Ab Pulldown 110x3x10
Mini Band Leg Curl 3x20
SSB Calf Raises 205x3x12

Whoa, this shit is brutal. Safety Squat Bar w/Chains is a nut-buster. I didnt beat the prior top set poundage but beat my previous attempt in volume by around 1000lbs. So my lower back was good and pumped going into block pulls.

The first two sets were done with my lever belt on, which I discovered keeps me from breathing when doing any sort of rep work. So I swapped to my Elite belt and had no problems with near black-out situations there-after. Again, the weight at the top is arond 455 and at the bottom around 425 if I had to guess....

Block Pulls are essentially rack pulls off of some blocks I made that put the bar a bit lower than my rack will accomodate, also saves the pins. These were hard as hell after the Squats, my lower back was fried,and guess what? This movement is pretty much all lower back....ugh, well to coin a phrase from my 5 year old son, "you'll get what you get and you wont get upset".

The rest was a big yawn, I was too wiped to care and almost threw in the towel after Deads.....Next up on the plate, ME until next time.....

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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nhlifter said...

Looking really good. Those SSB SQs with chains mush be nasty. Nice work on the block pulls!