Thursday, March 15, 2007

03/15/07 ME Squat (Gear) - No PR's for me...

RAW 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x2, 315x1, 405x1
Suit, Straps Down 455x1, 525x1
Suit (Straps Up) w/Knee Wraps 605xMiss, 605xMiss, 575xMiss
SLDL 375x3x5
Ab Pulldowns 120x3x12

Well I was psyched up all day for this, but my apparently training mind and body missed the memo!!! I believe I had myself talked out of this on Monday, I was sore from the SE Deadlifts, and not previously training the Deadlift with more than 2 reps with a weight over 80% killed me. So needless to say I wasnt as fresh as I needed to be. So here's the rundown baby....

1st 605 Attempt - I forgot to put the collar on the left side, hit the rack on walk out and made the mistake of carrying on, in retrospect I should have re-racked the weight, and hit it next time around. But being the jive turkey I can be, I didnt listen to myself and continued on. I took the weight down fine, started back up but the weight started sliding off the left side, Enter the Dump!!!
Luckily, From training alone so long I have sort of mastered this method, lean forward, throw your ass up and let it hit the pins.....Damn I was pissed at myself.
I should have stopped here.

2nd 605 Attempt - This attempt never should have taken place, I was mentally beat, which I dont normally let happen but some how allowed it this time. My head just wasnt in the game, a sign of overtraining? Possibly...Again took this sucker into the hole, started back up and my mind was anywhere but under the bar. I am truly amazed by how many thoughts can race through a persons head in only 1-2 seconds...needless to say not one of these thoughts was on holding my arch and trying to stand up, so I dumped it....Son-A-Ma-Beach!!!

Well, being the stubborn bass-turd that I am, I wanted to try and PR this friggin movement, I hit 550 around a month ago with plenty in the tank, hence my attempts of 605. You would have thought I would have learned by this point nothing good was coming out of this night. But no, So I took 575 for a ride, hit the hole hard, popped out, and on the ascent I started thinking about other shit and lost it again.....Damn it!!!

Anyway, I have quite a few take home points and a laundry list of what went wrong this night, and here they are:

1. I should have waited a week to do this, Still beat from SE DL for some friggin reason.

2. Dont Squat heavy if you arent into it, I should have changed to an SE Gear Night upon realization that my head was not in the gym this day.

3. Get a better suit!!! This piece-o-crap Inzer Champion is too big for me, I have a short torso so the suit never really "loads" in the hole. I need one with adjustable shoulder straps to accomodate this malady.

4. If something seems wrong upon unracking the weight, just put the shit back on the pins and sort it out, this kind of goes with the mental issue, I should have known better but.....

5. Dont let one bad workout deter you from your end goal, I learned alot from this debacle and this alone will only make me stronger. I know my body is strong enough for this weight, but on this night my mind just wasnt...

6. Choose a better approach to 605, this would have avoided the whole thing if I would have taken this route: 500, 550, 575, 605....I simply went at 605 unprepared....Like Icarus, I flew too close to the Sun!!!

Anyway, thats my dissection of this workout, not gonna comment on the accessory crap as we were pretty wiped by this point and just wanted to end this session. I am sure there are other points I am missing. But at the end of the day I am still happy with a couple of things and here they are:

1. A PR of sorts with the 525 straps-down-no-wraps.

2. Confidence that 605 on my back, and in the hole didnt feel bad, the misses were psychological in nature and not lack of strength.

3. Finally have a method for putting on my knee wraps the same way each time, very important!!!

4. Re-Remembered that I need a faster descent...

5. Didnt get injured with heavy weights even with the mindset I had...

6. I have lived to fight another day, 605 will fall the next time, and then some. You dont really know what your made of until you fail, what will define me is what happens next. Quit and run because of one crappy workout, or run with it and smoke this shit next time its on my back?

On a good note, Harold got 425 with his straps down, looked picture perfect too!!! He had issues when the straps went up, his suit is still new and with a few more sessions in it he will smoke upwards of 450-500...Great Job Harold!!!

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy, and Keep Your Head in the Game!!!

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