Monday, March 19, 2007

03/17/07 DE Bench

2 Board DE Bench 205x3, 215x3, 225x3
Pin Press (Lying on Floor) 275x5, 285x4, 295x4
Pull Ups 3x8
Clean & Press (D-Handles w/Chains) 3x10

Well, I cant be sure but I would have to say my shoulder does not like DE day. It hurt pretty bad today after the first couple sets. Will have to think about what to do with this, I have pretty good speed and wonder if I may benefit from leaving DE out for awhile and subsitute it with overhead work. As preciously stated since adding overhead stuff my shoudler feels much better....something to think about I guess.

The Pin Press while lying on the floor is pretty much a floor press from pins. These proved harder than I thought they would be, but definitely had the triceps screaming. Two more weeks of these then on to something else.

Pulls Ups...yawn.....

Cleans w/chains.....these friggin hurt. My shoulders were burning afterward. Most likely from the unbalanced load the chains provided. For this movement I took my D-Handles and attached my chains to them and did clean and presses. i will leave these in for 2 more weeks, as painful as these were they were still fun to do, something different....

Anyway, thats it for that day, next up is ME Squat.....Yee-Ha!!!!

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