Wednesday, May 03, 2006

05/02 DE Bench

Speed Bench 185x4x3 195x4x3
#8 Pin Press (Med Grip) 315x3, 335x3x3
KB Rows 93x4x7
KB Side/Front Swings 33x4x7

Bench was fast, i paused for around 3 seconds on all reps and threw the weight to the top. I am figuring this motion emulates what i do in a shirt, though the rest will be for around 1 sec in the shirt. The Pin Presses were a pain in the arse and done with a med grip, which i attribute the hatred for this movement to. But there again, that which doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. The rows and swings where bitches as well. Ive been on this kick lately where i have been taking 30 sec rests on all sets (except ME day, then its 2-3 minutes between heavy attempts at 90+%) and i get breathing and sweatin like a stuck pig. This kind of turns each session into a sort of GPP session as well. Speaking of GPP i have got to get my friggin sled out there and pull some weight around, hope this weekend will see me getting some time to do that, although i do have the New England Record Breakers to go to so we'll see.....well thats about it for now, i feel i have started this cycle off well and hope to garner some good results from it, time will tell when i get on the platform i guess, until then, keep it dark, keep it heavy!!!


Lou A. said...

I really don't have DE or ME days. I try to just go for a PB in different reps/weights. Like 230x10 or 275x3 ect... Do you think that is a bad idea? Should I start switching things up and do one heavy day and one DE day? Love your site. I don't post much, but I do get a lot of info from you. Thanks

PowerLifter1974 said...

Depends on what you want, do you want more size w/strength, strength with minimal size gain? etc...i use the Westside template as it gives your body adequate rest without totally being away from the weights. This system is based alot off of feel and knowing what your body responds to... you may respond well to those sort of rep schemes where as someone else such as myself wouldnt. Thus far (roughly 8 months) into this style of training and i feel this is the best for my situation and body's recuperative abilities. If/When it stalls i will tweak it to my needs. Not sure if you've ever been to this site but they have thousands of q & a's addressing everything strength related whether your a westide style trainer or other....phew, that was long winded.....short and skinny, do what works best for you!!

oh yeah, work to prilipens chart, after much reading and application i have found this to be invaluable, definitely helps to avoid overtraining....l8r

PowerLifter1974 said...

well i guess i should have told you the site huh?

I have a link in the links section of my blog....excellent stuff!!!

nhpowerlifter said...

Chris - just bring your sled to the NERB show. We'll drag it around on stage. Lou could probably benefit from that template you sent to me:

I see your weight on Speed bench was bumped up 10lbs for the last 4 sets. Why is that?

PowerLifter1974 said...

I actually got that one after watching the Westside Bench Video and saw Kenny Patterson doing it. After reading a bit from some of louies stuff i found out that doing this forces the body to recruit more mucle fibers while still staying in the DE range, i only bump it up by 5% i think, and only if i feel like the first weight is fast enough.
Do you think the owners of the mullins center would get mad if we pulled it around the parking lot? i would do it in the show but storing it would be a bit of a hassle...i didnt get an extra ticket for it.

nhpowerlifter said...

Eff the Mullins Center owners. If they don't like it, we'll drag the sled right over their big toes and make fun of their mullets.

Thanks for the info.