Friday, May 12, 2006

05/12 New Addition-Reverse Hyper (Homemade)

Click ontitle to view Rev Hyper in Action.....damn dude, big pockets!!!

All said and done this cost around $20.00.....sweet deal!!!


Kris said...

Very interesting! Unlike Kevin Veit's setup, I see that you also have leg straps. How is it working out for you, have you found any drawbacks with your implementation? The only thing I am wondering about is how you get the plates on there, from the looks of it you need to hold them up to screw the cap into place underneath them? Also, is the weight pin attached somehow to the pipe, or can it slide sideways? For obvious reasons, I am pretty curious about the whole thing. :-)

Good job, may it increase your squat ten-fold!

PowerLifter1974 said...

So far no drawbacks except i am extremely weak at this movement. to load it i just take off the pipe and slide on the desired weight. The whole thing moves pretty freely on all axis' which is cool and allows for free biomechanical movement. I didnt want to be locked into one postions and get hurt. Not sure if you checked it out but on the heading of this entry is a link to a video of it in use.....thanks for stopping by and yes,l i hope this puppy does increase my squat ten-fold, that would be sweet!!!!

Kris said...

Took a look at the video. Looks like the real deal. :-)

PowerLifter1974 said...

yeah its good for the money, i am still experimenting with the strap length to get a better stretch, i may redrill holes to set the hips farther from the fulcrum ...aint nothing like that METAL stuff you get to use!!!....Rotten Scoundrel!!!(said with an envious, non-disrespectful tone)