Thursday, May 18, 2006

05/17 SE Squat-Form Work

Part I-70 Minutes
Squat 135x5, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 365x5x3
Squat 365 for a bunch of singles

2hrs later-Part II 20 Minutes
Rev Hyper 25x3x12
Leg Curl 50x3x12
BB Sit-Ups 40x3x5

Took tonight to work on form and identify weaknesses in my form. My Hamstrings are definitely one and my mobility in my hips, specifically spreading the hips, i can do a front high kick over my head, but to the sides i am extremely tight. All said and done the squat portion took around 70 minutes and i must have done close to 100 reps i swear. Since i used to be a predominantly Quad squatter prior to switching to the wide stance, my hamstrings are causing my knees to go past 90 degrees. Not as bad as it used to be, but still there. So i decided to consult Matt from Westside barbell's site and he recommended and confirmed what i had suspected, weak Hammies and low back. Now i have the Rev Hyper that will help, i must be more diligent in hitting my posterior harder than i have been. I have devised an extra work out that will address this and bring up the weakness as i must make this a priority. That Rev Hyper i made is the balls, i threw 25 on there and that pansy weight kicked my ass, gee think your lower back is weak? boob!! leg curls should have been heavier and will next time, i havent done these in a long ass time on my machine so i didnt know where i was, now i do. The Barbell Sit-ups were a friggin eye-opener for my weak ass abs, i initally started with the olympic bar but quickly dropped to the standard bar i have with 10 lb plates on each side. I got this idea from elitefts in some article where they had mentioned Matt Dimel used to do these and that they were killers. Verdict?....These are killers, my last set was almost not completed, i had all the intentions of doing 3 sets of 12 but after the first set i found out otherwise.....Summary: Kind of disappointing yet refreshing at the same time as now i have the weakness identified and actually have a plan of attack this time rather than some half ass idea of what i am gonna do. In a few weeks i will Max on the squat and see where i am at, until then i just need to work my ass off............thats it from here, l8r


nhpowerlifter said...

Chris - How do those barbell situps work? Does elitefts have a description? I couldnt find it on Q&A. Are you bulgarian now? Two training sessions in a day?....JUICER!! LOL. That is a damn nice workout.

PowerLifter1974 said...

yes i am a juicer,mainly grape and orange, i tend to stay away from the prune juice as this causes bouts of explosive diarreha that resembles the waters of the Merrimack.....its in a Julia LAdewski training log i think...i will find it and shoot you a link... I did two workouts so i could play the memory game with my son, went down and finished up whenhe was in the tub.......70 minutes if workin the squat was quite brutal but enlightening....