Wednesday, May 17, 2006

05/16 DE Bench

Speed Bench w/Chains 185x8x3
4 Board Press 315x5, 365x5, 385x2x3, 405x3
Pendalay Row against Mini's 185x4x6
#12 Shoulder Pin Press 185x3x3

Felt good to get back at it. The speed bench i switched it up every set with one being paused and the next being true speed bench. The weight was moving fast and the form was pretty dialed in. I gotta work on my hip flexibility to get a bit wider with the feet but for now i am happy as my bench has shown vast improvement since the beginning of Westside. The 4 Board Press was a new movement that i was a bit skeptical about as i figured the range of motion would be very little and thus the benefit as well. I was wrong, turns out this is a killer tricep movement and this morning proves it as my tri's feel pretty tight...roughly translated....Cool Beans. The P-Rows are kind of a mutation from last week where i did the BB Bent Rows against minis. From Stinns and Mikes blogs from awhile back i remembered these and wanted to throw them in. By doing rows in this fashion i felt much more explosive and will up the weight next time. To boot it seemed easier to stay rigid and not swing or dip as much. Thanks guys. Next up was The Shoulder Pin Press, i had the bar set at #12 on my rack which came to around the middle of my neck when sitting. These sucked alot worse than i had anticipated, i had planned on moving up to like 205 but was quite gassed from all the other work. Also i forgot how much harder it is to get a bar moving from a complete stop at the bottom of a movement. Like i said before, it was nice to get beck in there, still kinda pissed at missing the ME Box Squat day but such is life, my left knee is still tender from kneeling on the concrete floor so i think discretion is the best prescription at this point...unitl next time Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!! (No Rick, that aint Star Wars jargon you boob!!)

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