Thursday, May 11, 2006

05/10 DE Squat/DL

Box Squat 215x8x3
Speed DL's agaqinst Doubled Mini's 300x12x1
Spread Eagle Sit-ups 3x12

Holy Crap!! Those DL's killed me!!! I ended up cuttin out the lower back and hamstrings as my legs were pretty shot after doing both these movements. I felt guilty and whipped out some SE Sit-ups for good measure but couldnt go on after the other ones as i was short on time and beat to hell....All in all it was a good work out. The squats were nice and fast and the form is geting to where i want it to be, the first set went like crap on the form side so i had to kick myself in the ass and really concentrate it. This is just really hard when your going with a really light weight. I know, you should set up like its 110% every time you get under the bar to get a routine down, but that shit is easier said than done. I did feel the remaining 7 sets were much cleaner and focused. I cant speak highly enough about these pulls against bands, these are justplain ass-kickers, i about crapped my pants when i saw 12x1 for 300, this shit felt super heavy on the first rep but seemed to lighten up as i got my form dialed in and the body warmed for it. I sweat my clams off during these and brewed a nice batch of Ball Soup by the end of them. Ball Soup for everyone, step right up, and dont forget your side of Swamp Ass Stew, Delicious fun for all!!! Okay, now im out of control, good bye for now..........

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