Tuesday, September 04, 2007

09/03/07 DE Bench

Speed Bench 225x9x3
4 Board Press 405x4x6
One Arm Dumbbell Row 120x3x10
KB Side & Front Complex 3x12

Went with a slightly different approach, Instead of a more ballistic approach like last week, I incorporated a slow descent and really slammed it into reverse at the chest. This kind of mimicked the approach with a bench shirt. The slow decent, pause, and fast reversal. Will up the weight by 5% as long as the speed stays good.

4 Board Press was performed with the 4sets of 6 reps approach. This way allowed me to blow away my volume from last week by around 2000lbs. Powerlifting aint always about Max Effort singles you know...needless to say my triceps are hurtin today.

One Arm Rows Sucked, I was so beat by the end of this workout. I failed to mention I went hiking up Mt Uncanoonuc again. so my body and mind was pretty beat up from the day. The Kettlebel complex was no different, I think they were both more mentally grueling than anything else...

Not sure where this hiking kick came from, but I do enjoy trekking through the woods. Plus it serves as good GPP conditioning for powerlifting. I think next time I go I will hug a tree to see what that feels like...

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