Friday, September 14, 2007

09/13/07 ME Bench Press

(Warm Up) Full Range Bench Press w/Chains 135x8, 185x5
2 Board Press w/Chains 225x5, 275x3,295x3, 315x3, 325x2, 335x2, 345x2, 365xMiss, 335x2
Barbell Extensions w/Chains 95x5, 75x2x10
Lat Pull Down Variations (Read Below)

Frigged my shoulder again today playing with my son, but at least I was having fun right? We were whipping pilows across the living room at each other, and being the big bully I am, I was trying to hit him hard enough to knock him over, well I paid the price...oh well, life goes on right?

so, an hour later Troy showed up for some 2 Board Pressing with Chains. Remember the chains are fully off the ground at the top portion of the lift, so aint your garden variety chain work, this shit kills the stabilizing muscles and makes it hard on the bar control.

Everything felt like doody, but some good did come out of it, I think I figured out my issue with the loft off. After having been unracking the weight by myself for so long, having a lift off is foreign to me, we figured out Troy was lifting too much which caused my set-up to go in the crapper. Problem solved.

Anyway, alot of strain went on tonight, I wanted to go heavier, but it just wasnt in the cards tonight. No biggie, beat the prior week on volume anyhow, there's more than one way to skin a cat!

Barbell Extensions were done differently than in the past, I had the chains rigged up so they are totally loaded until just before you hit your skull, this hit the stabilizers very nicely, and was the cause for my over zealousness with my opening weight. Before 95 would have been no problem for 10-12, but in this fashion, three more weeks of this fun motion woo-hoo.

We ended the night with a ton of experimentation on the lat pull down. We incorporated ropes, d-handles, bars etc. All were being pulled to the belly and seemed to activate the muscles used in the lowering of the bar in the bench press. Godd stuff, found a variation that hits the upper lats right were the triceps will be against them. Three more weeks of this, cant wait to see the results.

Thats it folks....

Public Service Announcement: Beware!!! This guy is a Juicer!!!


Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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