Thursday, September 27, 2007

09/26/07 Dynamic Effort Bench

Speed Bench w/Monster Mini's & Chains 135x9x3
Band Assisted Close Grip Floor Press 315x4x6
Pendalay Rows 205x6, 225x6, 255x6, 275x6
Chain Shoulder Complex (See Below) 4x6

First and foremost, speed bench with monster mini's and chains absolutely killed me. Again, I set the chains for a full deload until just at the bottom, this causes the stabilization of the bar to be quite brutal, couple this with doubled up monster minis pulling back at you and its a recipe for pain. Every muscle in my shoulder region seemed to be activated as well as the lats (underestimated this aspet greatly). I would recommend this variety to anybody that wants to add a different spin to their speed day, just shoot me an email if you need further clarification.

Next up, Band Assisted Floor Presses, UGH!!! I was already beat by the Speed work but apparently decided this was not enough. The Band Assisted Floor Press movement definitely hit the pre-exhausted triceps, hence the low bar weight. This was followed by a true favorite of mine, the Pendalay row, these absolutely kill my upper back, good stuff.

Alright, this Chain Shoulder Complex is something I made up with my Ghetto version of chains. I basically attach D-Handles to the chains, perform a reverse grip hammer curl, straight to an Over Head Press, from there, I Lower the Chains to the side only to restart the movement. This is done in one fluid, yet controlled movement and will have your traps, shoulders and delts burning by the end.

Side Note:

As you can see, my journey in powerlifting, and more specifically lifting alone most of the time, has resulted in the need to be creative. Having ADD makes it extremely hard to stick to traditional movements all the time. All these variations help to keep my scattered mind in the game, hopefully this serves the purpose of inspiring you folks to do the same, make it fun and it no longer seems like a chore.

Creativity is King

Keep it Dark, Keep It Heavy!!!

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