Friday, September 07, 2007

09/06/07 ME Bench

2 Board Press w/Chain 185x5, 225x5, 255x3, 295x3, 325x2,3,2
D-Handle Tricep Exts 3x18,12,10,10
Justin Harris Rows 100x3x12

CNS was totally shot from Dyanmic Effort Squat day. Back was cramping up big time on bench, and the chains (which in loaded position is totally off the ground) kept swinging, I just didnt have much in me to fight it tonight. But, I adjusted and overcame as best I could.

As prevously stated the bar was swaying badly tonight, I planned on hitting 325 for 3 sets of 3 but just didnt have it in the tank tonight. Since I wont be pulling next DE day I should PR this movement quite nicely next week, stay tuned. The rest of the work out was nothing special, didnt want to push it too much as I feel my CNS is pushing the envelope a bit right now. Got two days off and will take it easy a bit, moderate hiking and hill climbing will be about it. Not exactly powerlifting but it does have a GPP aspect to it.

bench press

Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy....

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