Tuesday, September 11, 2007

09/10/07 DE Bench Press

Speed Bench 235x9x3
4 Board Press 415x6, 425x6, 435x6, 445x6
Pendalay Rows 225x4x8
Kettlebell Side Swings 33x3x10

Felt pretty good tonight, was contemplating working up in the bench press but held back, today is about speed not PR's. Again I performed all reps with a slow descent and an explosive reversal at the bottom. Speed was consistant through out all reps, good shit man. Rest periods were held to 25 seconds, needless to say I was a sweaty mess by the end of it. Hows that for an image? (Dedicated to all the powerlifting groupies out there, but please no fan mail from any powerlifting bears, I dont press that way).

4 Board Presses were quite brutal as I was a bit winded from the speed work. Although 415 flew like nobodies business, by the time I got to 445 I was gassed and ready for the shepards pie I smelled cooking upstairs. Love that shit!! Not sure if I will let the 4 boards stay for another week or move on to another lockout movement, this was the third week....guess I got some decisions to make.

Pendalay rows were done a bit differently. I elevated myself so the range of motion was larger. This made the movement much harder, added like 6 inches to the stroke I think. The worst part was the breathing, I felt out of breathe the whole way through, granted I was moving at a pretty good clip so I cant complain too much. Powerlifting aint exactly a sprint you know....

I ended on Kettlebell side swings. I had forgone the complex and just performed the side swing, this seems to hit the bum shoulder much better. BTW, I could have been arrested for carrying illegal traps when I was done. Those things were pumped up beyond belief. My wife even commented on them, now thats cool!!

Well all, thanks for stopping by and please take a moment to remember those who perished on this day years ago...

Powerlifting Picture

Take Care All, Keep it Dark, Keep it Heavy!!!

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